Fiji! A complexion of over 300 small tropical islands was the destination of our honeymoon, 2 days after the big day. We truly had the most amazing time. We flew with Fiji Airways, a just under 5-hour flight from Melbourne to Nadi, Fiji international airport. It felt really quick as I slept the whole way (great sleep).

Once at the Fiji airport, holiday mode kicked in as we walked to a group of three men dressed in long brown skirts and blue short sleeved shirts with white flowers/leaves playing their guitars and singing Fijian traditional songs and saying “Bula, Bula “. Bula is the only word you will need to know in Fiji. It is the national greeting that means hello. It’s a nice all-purpose, well-meaning word that you can just roll out on any occasion and they definitely say a lot.

The first 4 nights we stayed at the main island at Westin Denarau Resort. Absolutely gorgeous resort. We had a stunning ocean view from the second floor. The facilities were great, staff friendly and helpful and over all a great experience. We wanted to have a very relaxing honeymoon being that the past year has been pretty full on with building our new home, the move, new jobs as well as the entire wedding planning, so we didn’t end up doing too much.

On the main island the first activity we decided to do was jet skiing and snorkelling (Jet Ski Safari at Sheraton Denarau). Great experience for the both of us, it was so much fun and so much adrenaline for 3 hours. We stopped in the middle of the ocean near a small reef and jumped in the water with our snorkelling gear. The view was quite majestic. Truly enjoyed seeing various fish, all different sizes and colours, the absolutely stunning corals and swimming in the middle of school of fish. It all made me wish we’d invested on that go pro Ben suggested prior to our trip.

Robinson Crusoe Island was our next activity during our stay in Denarau. To get out to Robinson Crusoe Island a bus picked us up from our resort, which was almost an hour ride to the boat. Once on the boat we rode for another half hour on the river (beautiful view) and we got to the island. The staff came out to the boat with guitars, and sang to welcome us in.

The island is covered in coconut palms and other Fijian bush plants like the rest of Fiji (tropical). We tried the traditional drink of Fiji, Kava. To make kava a bag full of the ground root is dunked and mangled in a large wooden bowl. It looks like someone washing a dirty cloth in a large wooden bowl. When the water takes on a milky colour the kava is ready. The effects of kava seem to be a slight numbing on the tongue. I wouldn’t have it again as it tastes earthy and mildly nasty but it was necessary for the full Fijian experience.

Once the kava experience was over we took a few pictures with the locals with our polarised camera. They were amazed with it and asked for copies (I found that quite cute). We had buffet lovo, which stands for a feast cooked in the earth. A little bit like our BBQ but cooked in the ground. Absolutely loved the food, especially those full skin baked lovo potatoes (yummmmm).

The rest of the evening continued with games, drinking, beach bonfire with guitars and singing, knife dancing and the most exciting of them all fire dancing. The performers were so amazing and so was the whole experience. It is definitely something worth considering on doing if you’re heading to Fiji.

The rest of our trip was spent at Matamanoa Island Resort (6 nights). We had our own private little villa with a private little plunge pool and a gorgeous view of the ocean, which was only 10 steps outside our backyard. We didn’t do much at all on the island besides relaxing and went snorkelling a few times. Each time made me wish we had bought that Go Pro so I could have taken photos of the large beautiful colourful fish. After 7 days of relaxing and doing pretty much nothing we were both ready to leave the island and get back to Melbourne and start our lives as a married couple.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!



  1. Zoe
    May 18, 2017 / 9:00 AM

    That looks so amazing! I bet this was a very expensive holiday??
    So jealous … lol

    • May 18, 2017 / 9:28 AM

      Hahaha … it was a little expensive but it was worth it

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