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I tried Hello Fresh for the first time late last year. I absolutely love it! My subscription has dinners for 2 people, 5 days a week but you can change it. I recently changed it to 3 days a week as we’ve been going out a little bit lately. The recipes were delicious with a wide variety. There is an odd recipe here and there which I don’t like as much but mostly because I can be a very fussy eater.

The set up was extremely easy, all I had to do was link my Debit Card/Credit Card to my account. Once a week they withdraw the funds and every Tuesday I have a Hello Fresh box on my door step. Everything is done for me and I have nothing to worry about. All ingredients are rich quality and fresh whether it was meat, fish or veggies.


Hello Fresh has a wonderful user friendly app which allows you to manage your account on daily basis. Their app lets you pause a week of delivery, change your subscription details, check out the upcoming recipes and it also stores all previous recipes, in case you lose the hard copies.

The convenience of getting all the ingredients and recipes delivered at home is fantastic. You don’t have to wonder what to make for dinner or worry about stopping at the shops after work, especially on nights you end up being in the office until late.

I definitely highly recommend it. All recipes are very easy, anyone could give it a try. Looking forward to more yummy Hello Fresh recipes. Opting for the 3 dinners instead of 5 gives you a bit more flexibility with organising outings and maintaining a balance with social life. If you’re going away for sometime, the app allows you to pause individual weeks. How amazing is that?

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  1. Zoe
    May 18, 2017 / 9:06 AM

    <3 mouth watering !

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