Hi all,

I haven’t been writing much lately as I’ve been super busy at work (nearly the end of the financial year) but also with my personal life. I’ve had a couple of events just pass, having another few events coming up, and of course, to top it all up, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and extremely tired (winter feels).

So I just wanted say a quick thank you on this post and tell you guy I deeply appreciate all the nominations I got last week. I was nominated by 5 bloggers at the space of 4 days, which is pretty humbling!

Thank you so much guys!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the available time to write back for the nominations at the moment, even though I truly wish I did. I was nominated for the first time just over a month ago and I really enjoyed it :).

Here is the people that nominated me:

Mystery Blogger Award:

Carolyn – ABC of Spirit Talk

Elsie – Ramblings Of Winter

The Versatile Blogger Award

Walter – Walt’s Writing

The Sunshine Blogger Award II:

Jess – Daring to Jess

Real Neat Blog Award:

Petrel – Dear Kitty

Again, thank you so much guys!! Truly appreciate the nominations. I am extremely thankful and grateful for all your support. I will be taking a break from blogging until late July/early August due to having a busy schedule, but I will back. 🙂

Eirini xo xo 

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