I decided to go shopping the other day, after a very long time. I’ve been so good when it comes to purchasing clothes, make up, jewelry or shoes these days. Quite proud to be honest! I used to go shopping each and every week, getting something as little as a top or a lippy to sometimes going a little “crazy”. I mean, what woman out there doesn’t love to spoil herself with something new?


I have to admit; my new job keeps me really busy and it has affected my lifestyle fair a bit. Having studied finance was good, but it doesn’t really mean anything until you implement it in real life. Working now in the industry and having to look after the business’ finances has made me re-open and re-organise my own finances at home, which is the reason why I’ve cut down on unnecessary costs on products that I know they are nothing more but impulsive purchases and I’ll most likely never use.

Shopping! What can I say? It is more of an addiction rather than a necessity or luxury. I’ve bought things I didn’t need or even want to be honest. Why did I buy them if I didn’t want them? Hmm, tricky question really. I honestly believe it is a woman thing!

fyiliyflI mean how many of you, have gone out, done “a bit of shopping”, broke the bank, returned home and whether it has been a partner, a parent, a sibling or a friend has seen your shopping bags, gone through it with you and asked you “why did you get this?” or “did you really need this?” and your response has been “I don’t know why I got that.”? Well you really don’t know why you got it!


Have you ever noticed that only a small percentage of the shops at your local shopping center are focused on men? If not, have a look around next time you’re out and about browsing every shop that is appealing to the eye.

fyhilUs women, are very happy to meander through trail of clothing and accessory collections or detour through the shoes (glorious shoes). We love to glide up and down glass escalators, with our shopping bags, showing off the brands we purchased and making sure the most expensive brand bags are the most visible, while hiding the cheaper ones. We love to spray perfume samples on our way to, maybe, making a purchase. We live for the moment where we try on the most expensive dress in store, even thought, we can’t afford it and we know we are not buying it…

On the other hand, men… Shopping for men is a mission! They are out to buy a targeted item and flee the store as quickly as possible. Men look more at the utilitarian aspects of the experience, such as the availability of parking, whether the item they came for is in stock, and the length of the checkout line. They know what they want, where to get it, how much it costs and they’ll be in and out in no time. Eventually they become more and more disinterested in shopping and feels likes a chore.


We all have needs and to meet them, shopping is required, whether is to shop for food, clothes, home, books, electronics etc. From products/services of little value to very expensive ones, from platforms to online stores, the shopping is every minute affair of people across the world.

I’ve found that the key to shopping and maintaining a happy bank account is balance. At the end of the day shopping is what creates and maintains a healthy economic cycle. We all need to contribute to it but we also want to take care of ourselves 😉

What are your thoughts on shopping?

Here is a little bit of truth..

Eirini xoxo

9 thoughts

  1. Hahaaaa Eirini, so much of that applies to me; especially showing the most prestigious bag and hiding the cheapies! Hahaaaa.
    I am very thankful, though, for my man. I hit the jackpot there! He luvs, luvs, luvs to shop, and will spend more time than me looking for that one thing to set his mind ablaze… Hahaaaaa…
    I loved the video. I watched it while making myself a bit of brunch. This man is ‘spot on’ with his man/woman characterisations. I really had to learn that man box analogy… Leave them alone when they are stressed. Their ‘nothing box’ sorts them out real quick.
    This really perplexed me, as a young woman, that a man could, seemingly, not have to talk about his troubles. Though this is still the norm for most men, my man now does speak when he is stressed. I think it’s probably because he realises I will not ask for more from him. He voices it; I acknowledge him, and it’s done. On the other hand: I talk about things/situations, and joy oh joy, he now appreciates he doesn’t have to solve a problem; he just has to listen…. Wow! Bliss! Superb interaction… 😉 😉

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    1. Hahahahah! I knew I wasn’t the only one 😂😂

      Aww that’s so lovely. You seem to have a wonderful healthy relationship. How beautiful.
      My husband is the same . He talks to me as he knows I’ll stop pestering him 😂😂😂

      How was your trip?? Xxx

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      1. The trip was amazing, Eirini. I spoke with a lot of highly spiritual souls who also were a little jaded by the happenings in the world. My role will take me far and wide. I am beginning to appreciate the task, and am looking forward to meeting with many.
        I haven’t been inspired to write about it just yet; though, know this will come in due time.
        In the meantime I’m enjoying life. Yes, my man and I keep deepening our love and respect for each other… It’s an old cliché; but, he is one of my closest friends… 😉 😉

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