Weight Weight Weight… 

Weight!! So much weight… The struggle is real! I’ve gained a lot of weight the past few years. As embarrassing as this feels and is to me, it is the sorrowful truth. I didn’t gain it all over night but gradually over the past 7 years the numbers on the scale kept going up. It wasn’t that bad at the very beginning as everyone used to tell me I was “too skinny”, so I probably needed the first couple of kilos .. the rest just kept adding on.

tumblr_o12bovOjiD1ud4g86o1_250I see my girlfriends complaining about feeling “fat” and for putting on 2 kilos, which honestly(?) it  just makes me want to roll my eyes, but I don’t want to be rude as everyone is different. I mean, when I was almost half of what I am now, I still hated looking at my stomach.

I love food! Probably too much.. Which is why I’ve gained so much weight. I did not gain weight eating apples… I gained weight eating pizza, junk food, lots of take away and constantly dinning out while dating my now husband. Having a massive sweet tooth doesn’t help either. I am an absolute sucker when it comes to chocolate and I love my ice cream. They are by far my 2 biggest weaknesses when it comes to the food chain and also a reason for gaining weight.

Have I tried losing weight? Yes, I have. I’ve tried really hard, in return I gained more weight. How is that possible? Wrong diets I suppose? As soon as seeing small results I get a little carried away? I know I can do it I just haven’t fully committed to it.

Image result for fat and thin

The other day I looked in the mirror and I told myself enough is enough. I feel so unfit and uncomfortable in my own skin. I know there is a lot of women empowerment for plus size women on social media at the moment, loving their body, being an inspiration to other bigger women and I honestly wish I was just as confident.. but for myself I’d only gain my confidence back after getting back in shape. I don’t want to give up and accept that this will be it.

I have finally started to feel a little less bloated these days. I’ve been on a good diet and I’ve lost 4 kilos. When I say diet… it is more of getting my portions right and having everything in the food pyramid. Honestly, it is not easy but I’m feeling quite good about it now. I am trying not to lose motivation, as long as there is not too many temptations …

Here is a before gaining weight and now photo..


I am excited to see a change in the next few months, hopefully before our Europe trip!!

What has been the biggest struggle you’ve had with your body?
Any fitness or dietary recommendations ?

Eirini xo xo


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  1. I have gained weight slowly over the last four years. I’m trying to go the other direction, down, now!

    I’ve learned that it all starts with a decision to change. Good luck, I am rooting for you!

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